Gestalt Zurich – Individual Therapy

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Who is it for? (selected issues)

  • If you’d like to develop your self-awareness, influence your life and the surrounding world differently
  • If you’re looking to understand your ways of building relationships and consequences resulting from them (e.g. sense of being misunderstood, lack of patience, feelings of abandonment, sadness, or guilt)
  • If you’d like to understand why you are tired for no clear nonmedical reason, and who or what takes your energy away
  • If you’re experiencing physical sensations for no medical reasons, which you don’t understand but would like to have a better understanding of and gain more control of your situation
  • If you’re looking for a balance between what you need and what you choose, and whether the choices you make are really yours
  • If you’d like to understand the role of food in your life, when there’s too little (starving yourself) or too much of it (e.g. emotional eating)
  • If you experienced a big change in your life (e.g. changing the place of residence or work, having a child, or losing a loved one) and you have difficulty adapting to a new place or situation
  • If you’d like to rely more on yourself in different social situations (e.g. to be able to control stress, fear and anxiety)
  • If you don’t know what you need or where you’re going to
  • What kind of woman or man am I? And what does it even mean to you? What patterns of femininity or masculinity do you have?

How does the therapy process look like?

Each therapeutic process starts with a consultation (usually 3 meetings). After establishing the objective of therapy, a so-called contract is formed, which includes details of collaboration between the client and the therapist. These details may concern, for example, the goals of therapy, frequency of meetings, date and place of meetings, rules for  sessions cancellation, communication in between sessions, etc. Then, the mutual collaboration starts, where in every session, a certain topic chosen by the client is explored­­. The therapist helps the client understand, e.g. his or her emotions, meanings, thoughts, physical sensations, dreams, the role of the client in the family system, etc. Individual therapy is a safe space where, in the environment of mutual respect, dignity and confidentiality, the client has the opportunity to express, experience and discuss his or her emotions, thoughts and meanings, often doing so for the first time in his or her life. Therapy ends when the client’s goals have been achieved.

Therapy sessions

The number of sessions is an individual matter and can range from several meetings to a long-term therapy, taking into account the goals and the degree of their implementation, as well as the client’s wish. Sessions last 60 minutes / once a week (in special cases, sessions can take place twice a week). Therapy sessions can be held either in Zurich or online (e.g. via Skype).