Gestalt Zurich – Couples Therapy

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Who is it for? (selected issues)

  • If you’re looking to understand what’s happening in your relationship and what prevents you from functioning comfortably
  • If you’re looking for a way to create understanding with your partner and to create an opportunity to listen and be heard at the same time
  • If you want to understand your needs in a relationship, while taking into account the needs of your partner
  • What role you play in your relationship, what role your family and friends play, and how this makes it difficult for you to build a mutual understanding
  • You’d like to find more effective methods of communication in your relationship
  • How your past prevents you from functioning freely in the present, here and now
  • If your sex life isn’t enjoyable anymore and gives you no positive energy
  • If you’re experiencing changes in your relationship or family that disturbing the existing rules of functioning (e.g. having a baby, losing someone close, or changing the place of residence or work)

Therapy goals

The therapy goals may depend on the nature of the problem that the couple seeks assistance with the therapist. Couples therapy aims at creating a safe place so that each partner can express what he or she had no chance to say or had no chance to be heard despite expressing himself or herself. Sessions give the couples the opportunity to improve communication between partners, to explain misunderstandings and to seek solutions in difficult situations. As an impartial person, the therapist can identify sources of misunderstandings and help regain a mutual understanding or determine current situation of the relationship. Participating in a couples therapy gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in solving difficult situations even after the end of therapy.

How does the therapeutic process look like?

Every therapeutic process begins with a consultation. After establishing the purpose of couples therapy, a so-called contract is formed, which includes details of cooperation between the couple and the therapist. These details may concern, for example, the goals of therapy, frequency of meetings, date and place of meetings, rules for canceling sessions, communication in between sessions, etc. Then, the mutual cooperation starts, where in every session, a certain topic chosen by the couple is discussed. The therapist helps the couple improve their communication methods and ways of expressing themselves so that they may move towards more constructive behaviors aimed at solving problems presented at the first consultation meetings. Partners, with the help of the therapist, have a chance to understand the situation and make choices that will be the best for functioning in a relationship. Therapy ends when the clients’ goals have been achieved.

Therapy sessions

The number of sessions is an individual matter and can include several or more meetings, taking into account the therapy goals and the degree of their implementation, as well as the couple’s wish. One session lasts 60 minutes. Couples therapy can be accompanied by one or two therapists, depending on the clients’ choice. Therapy sessions can be held either in Zurich or online (e.g. via Skype).