Gestalt Zurich – Consultations


Gestalt Therapy, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Skype Therapy, Group Therapy, Support Groups, Development Workshops, Self-Awareness and Personal Development

These usually include 1-3 meetings, which precede any form of support, development or therapeutic help, and are aimed at finding out about the client’s situation.  This is  a time when the client’s problems and their specificity or areas that the client wishes to change are recognized.  It’s also a time for getting to know each other and deciding whether the client wants to work with the chosen therapist.

The conversation with the therapist allows  to propose the appropriate form of help for the client, e.g. the therapist may recommend an individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, or indicate the need to visit another specialist.

One consultation takes 60 minutes. Consultations can take place at the office in Zurich or online (e.g. via Skype). Home visits are possible after establishing details and boundaries of such a visit.